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I have been making music and producing since 2003. In 2006, I started to invent avatars, alter egos that produce and play their own musical genres, with their own look. For about 8 years, I produced and played about 50 gigs with different gear and 5 avatars: Leslie Georges (House/Hardcore), Night Knight (Tribal Electronic), Maggy Fantachatte (Booty Techno), The Other Man (various electronic music genres) and Total Oral Maniac (Comedy Electronic).
I switched as a sound designer and composer for video games since 2012.
I’m fond of interactive music, pushing the limit of what can be done with dynamic and procedural compositions.
I’m currently making a series of interactive music EPs/Albums called Playhear.
I also realize different types of works around sound and music, like artistic installations…
On this page, I show you some of the records, music pieces and concerts I’ve done throughout my career.
I have a lot more that have never been released or recorded, but hey, that’s how I work! Fast!

Video Game Music

Hyperun Procedural Music Player

A procedural music player to listen to all your favorite tunes from the game Hyperun !

Back in 2017, we released the fastest runner in the world, Hyperun. I was the sound designer and composer of the music.
I composed in a procedural and dynamic way. Instead of releasing a linear soundtrack which would break my technical intentions, I decided to create an application in order to play the procedural music.



Gogo Gadgeto

I made this album entirely with the Dirtywave M8, with a bit of mixing afterwards.

Gogo Gadgeto is the secret lover of technobros. The singularity that exists in their doings. The one who knows better than they do that they’re going to die anyway.

It’s also one of my muses.



Souvenir OST is an original soundtrack made for Souvenirs, a game made in Ludum Dare. I like it very much, so I decided to put it online.

It tells the story of a man who accompanies his mother on her final breath, long after she has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. He literally dives into his mother’s memories to help her rediscover her past, so that she can leave in peace.

2020 (game made in 2014)

The Sound Designer Tale

A year of weekly track production

At the beginning of the 2014 year, I started to compose for the Weekly Beats contest. On the forth week, I wanted to go deeper so I started a concept.

As I was and still looking forward to be a professional sound designer in the video game industry, I had the idea of developing my objectives in a narrative sonic tale.

The story of this tale is a sound designer trip in a fantasy world.



This album is the extended soundtrack of the game Macguffin we made with the Concrete games team in 2015.

It contains all the music from the game but reworked plus some bonus tracks.



Square Paper Concert

Square Paper Concert is the concert version of my game-album Square Paper City.

I worked on this new project based on the content and code of the game, but I had to redo everything to make it a live show!


Sdee & Dave Video Game Concert

In 2015, Thomas Rougeron and Corentin Derbré conceptualize a video game concert and develop it to play it at the Stunfest 2015. Experience is rudimentary, only a few music elements control elements of the game. Since then, a year has passed and the duo became a trio with the arrival of Mathieu Labelle.

The project becomes a live performance where the players and musicians perform a theatrical play, manipulate the video game with amazing controllers, where the game and the music communicate with each other completely and totaly. In summary, the game can only exist by the live performance of music and music can be completed only by the performance of the players.


Leslie Georges live

Here is a live set Leslie Georges played the 12th of april 2014 in a party to celebrate the creation of a parisian electronic music collective called Point of View.
Very nice party indeed.
The recorded set doesn’t sound so good especially because of a mix adapted to the situation, but it gives you an idea of what Leslie’s doing theses days.


Night Knight Live

My avatars Night Knight with a live set at the french electronic music festival ElectroniK, Rennes in october 2012.


Night Knight Live

My live set after DJ Bone at the concert place Ubu at Rennes in France in October 2010.

This concert was organized by Eumolpe, which is now a label.
I was performing with my old set up (Mpc 1000, Roland SP 505 etc…).


Leslie Georges Live

It was a live set with my hardcore/house avatars Leslie Georges, in a pub in June 2009. It was done with my old set (Mpc 1000, Roland Samplers …). Just a souvenir.